Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Day! Ian is with us a whole year!

I'm still very behind, but now that I'm starting to feel better, I'll be catching up soon.
We postponed Family Day for the most part while Shawn and I both struggled with our separate illnesses. We had planned to order the same food we ate that day in Hangzhou, but Shawn was not eating solids yet, so it didn't make sense. We put the food off until last night and, well, it wasn't nearly as good as what we ate in Hangzhou.

We did dress Ian in his outfit that he met us in and I was SHOCKED that it fit him really well (except the shoes of course). It was several oversized layers then, and he's taller and skinnier, but I think he'll even fit in it next year.

He humored me and let me take several pictures, but other than that, we had a fairly normal day. I opened a savings account for him with the help of his grandparents, and his Grandma Trish & Grandpa Tom bought him a little ukulele to be his "first guitar".

We bought Ian a train expansion kit and I have two classic books on order, in the hopes that I can progressively build him a collectible set of books by the time he's an adult. Whether he appreciates it or not is irrelevant. Who knows what he'll like or won't when he gets older! I also plan to start a memory book of his first year home... and if the procrastination gods are willing to take a vacation for a while, I hope to get it going this week.

I also bought a garden stone kit (an idea shamelessly stolen from Tracy, Adam & Charlotte) but I've yet to open the box. When are those procrastination gods taking vacation again?

While I build the energy to revisit Hangzhou and our first day with Ian, enjoy a few pictures of Ian in his outfit from our first meeting....and a few other cute shots.

Bad red-eye, but I loved the look on his face in this picture

Already developing decent chopstick form

Enjoying his belated Family Day dinner. I know the fortune cookie isn't authentic, but the rice was pretty close.

Grandma Trish brought us this great book. It's really well done. It's timely because Ian is starting to show interest in everything China. He thinks all kids were born in China and knows exactly where it is on the globe.


  1. Congratulations! Has it really been a year?

    Wow. We've passed a month since Jake joined our family and nearing a month since we've been home. Time sure does fly!

    Kevin and Violet

  2. Happy 1 year Family Day :)
    Glad you are all feeling better.

  3. That China book that he has is Charlotte's fave. She sees it and says "CHINA!" and wants to look at it all the time. I was going to try putting her in her clothes that we met her in - but Charlotte hates changing clothes - LOL. HAPPY FOREVER FAMILY DAY and I am glas that you are starting to feel better.