Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mom Loses Her Mind

Things are busy for me, as you can probably guess by my silence! I've been juggling a lot at work and haven't been sleeping well, but Ian is doing great. He is constantly doing new things that he hadn't done the day before, and just amazes me on a daily basis. He is becoming creative, opinionated...and has an awesome memory. I'm a little freaked out by the things he remembers and repeats days later.

We've had a fairly routine week, but today, after a haircut, I was supposed to go to Ian's parent/teacher conference. Well, I completely spaced and went to the gym after my cut....Just got in my car, drove right past the exit to Ian's daycare and kept going. Later, Shawn asked how my meeting with his teacher went and I almost got physically ill. It's so unlike me to blow off something important, especially when Ian is involved. I've had it on my calendar, talked about it all week and today, yet I had temporary amnesia when 5pm rolled around. Sigh. So, I emailed the director and said I had something unexpected come up and apologized profusely. Hopefully I'll be able to reschedule. When I got home, Ian filled me in on all the fun he had with dad this afternoon, a trip to REI and broccoli cheddar soup at Panera.

On a light note, I received an advance copy of the article our agency wrote about Ian for their Winter magazine issue. It essentially covers how we handled coming home right before the holidays and then talks about the challenges of placing boys, especially with certain special needs. More than anything, I'm just happy that by reading it, even one family might decide adoption is the right choice for them...and might just take another look at those waiting boys. It will be fun years from now to look back on his first year and have that as part of his memory book.

So, I owe my dwindling public a look back at Guangzhou and our coming home. Until I get back my emotional courage to talk about our trip again, I thought I would just save myself and post a few pics from the week.

Watching "Mighty Machines" from Netflix... Essentially just a video of trucks driving around a worksite, but he loves it.

He looks so long here. Definitely not the squatty legged little guy from a year ago.

Waiting for the garbage truck. Polli is still the tallest of my toddlers.

He loves the "bubble fro". Honestly, this is typically how we wash his hair.

Bubbles just never get boring


  1. Well, if you have a dwindling public SHAME on them. They don't know what they are missing!! I check your blog everyday sometimes more if you haven't updated for awhile, like this week. I am relieved it was because you were busy and not sick. It is so great to see the daily progress Ian is continuing to make. He is such a sweetie. Jo

  2. Now you are officially a Mom, lol
    Welcome to the crazy, hectic, nutty life that makes you completely lose your mind. We've all been there. Don't let anyone tell you they haven't. I'd like to say it gets better, but I haven't figured it out yet :)
    Love the pics. He is just too cute.