Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Mother's Baby

Going hand in hand with last week's "My Mom" theme, Donna at Double Happiness themed this week's Family FotoFun Friday challenge "My Baby Photo". I thought I would post one for Shawn and one for me.

He came into the world a normal term/normal sized little boy, but a near carbon copy of his current 37 year self, only a little more hair then than now. Me? Well I couldn't be normal then and I'm still not now. I was almost 3 months early (Like Donna) and weighed in at barely 3 pounds at birth and was only minutes old when I took my first helicopter ride. I wasn't supposed to make it, but I did, but for a few scratches and dents. I thought I would spare everyone my incubator pictures.

Without checking with our moms, I had to guess on our baby ages in these pictures. I think I'm about 8 months and Shawn is about 18 months.


  1. cute! I haven't been able to find a baby pic to use yet, but I enjoyed yours!!
    -- Shelly

  2. Too cute. I don't have any baby pictures of me around. Love looking at the before and after shots.


  3. OMG! How precious... Shawn looks exactly the same!