Friday, April 13, 2007

Family Foto Fun Friday "Pets"

Donna over at Double Happiness always has great FFFF (Family Foto Fun Friday) contests. I've never participated because, well, our child isn't home yet. But this week, the topic is "Pets". I couldn't resist.

Polli is the French Bulldog half of "The Boy and the Bulldog". She has been home with us since December of 2005. After 2 years of researching dog breeds, we decided on a Bat Dog for sure. When we saw her picture, we loved her unique coloring and white paw. She had unusually floppy ears for a frenchie, and many untrained eyes assume she is part pug (Polli hates it when people say that to her...what an insult!). Nothing against pugs, but she just isn't remotely related, thank you very much!

The first picture below is her "referral photo" if we were to commission a sketch. The second picture is from her "Gotcha Day Anniversary".

Such a pretty baby!

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